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Maggi samples sent for analysis, people asked not to consume Maggi

SRINAGAR, JUNE 05: As per the information communicated by the Controller, Drug and Food Control Organization, J&K, the field functionaries of the department have lifted 103 samples of Maggi Noodles from different districts of Jammu and Kashmir and these have been sent for analytical laboratories. The organization informed that near about 3292 boxes and 30867 packets of Maggi and other kinds of noodles have been seized.

The Controller has further warned the food business operators that anybody found selling Maggi will be strictly dealt with as per the provisions of Food Safety and Standard Act, (FSSA) 2006. The Food Business Operators dealing with Maggi have been directed to adopt food recall procedure as envisaged in the FSSA 2006.

Meanwhile, Controller has advised general public not to panic and not to consume Maggi till the analytical reports of the samples lifted are received.

The process of lifting samples of Maggi and other kinds of noodles will continue till the safe and wholesome products of above said food is available in the market, he said.