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JAMMU, June 2:   In the history of 75 years of Kashmir, Maha Kumb will take place at Shadipora Sangam in Wakoora Tehsil of Ganderbal district on the 14th of June for the very first time in which thousands of people from different parts of the country.

A unique celestial activity shall be taking place on this very day that is considered to be very auspicious as per the Hindu mythology. Taking a dip in the holy water at the junction of rivers Vitasta (Jehlum), Sindo ( Indus) at Shadipora is considered to atone one’s sins. The devotees will also perform a unique pooja and religious rites for the dead. A yatra will be organized to Shadipora shrine by the Kashmiri Pandits who have already constituted a Celebration Committee in this regard which is headed by religious protest Pt. Omkar Nath Shastri.

The Celebration Committee has seeked for the permission from DC Ganderbal and approached the Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh, demanding elaborate arrangements for the pilgrims including for their boarding and lodging by installing tents, making shift toilets, bathing ghats, proper drinking water facilities and health care and electricity facilities. They also urged the authorities in order to provide security arrangements and added that some boats be readily available at the disposal of the yatris near the Sangam.

Pilgrims from across the country are expected to participate in the Maha Kumb which is known as Bodh Dashar in Hindu mythology. People participatind in the Kumb consider themselves to be lucky, since it comes once in a century.

Shadipora Sangam has same significance for Hindus of Kashmir as the Haridwar has for Hindus of the entire nation and it is said that during the ancient times when there were no roads and people had to visit by foot and the Hindus of Kashmir who could not visit the Haridwar to immerse the ashes of their dead in river Ganga at Haridwar due to vagaries of weather in Kashmir which almost remained snow bound for four to five months were given a relaxation by the religious heads to immerse the ashes of dead at Shadipora Sangam which as per Hindu religious scriptures has no less importance than Haridwar.

At Shadipora Sangam there is an ancient Chinar in the water and its history dates back hundreds of years. Pilgrims visit there to pay salutation and perform religious rituals. However, due to the turmoil in the Valley for the past 27 years, the religious activities could not be performed at the holy shrine by Pandits and this year on the occasion of Bodh Dashar large number of people across the country are expected to visit holy shrine.

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