Maha Lakhsmi Temple Pacca Danga


The Maha Lakshmi Temple according to the serving Priest Pt. Krishan Lal is over 300 years old. The idols of the Goddess Lakshmi in this temple had originally come from Jaipur over bullock carts which took six months to reach Jammu from Jaipur.

The Goddess’ idol is one of a kind in the world with two elephants on the sides sitting on lotuses.

MahaLakshmi Temple Pacca Danga


According to the temple priest, Danga is a place where people must have used to gather or sit for community discussions in the evenings or as must have been prevalent in those days. Jammu was largely undeveloped 300 years ago and this was probably the only place which allowed a pucca surface to sit and meet and this is why the name Pacca Danga.


The king of the time thought that since people gather around this place, a temple can be constructed and this was laid the foundation of Mahalakshmi Temple. Mahalakshmi is the Goddess if wealth and the temple is specially busy around Diwali Time.

Mahalakshmi Temple Entry Pacca Danga

Pandit Krishan Lal also says that earlier people would visit the temple in heavy numbers on Fridays, the day of Goddess Lakshmi but now people visit in good numbers everyday.

There is no custom of Mouli here, instead there is a custom of Bhagwati (goddess) Chaliya (vow for forty days) and many people claim to have had their wishes come true.

Jai Mata Di!