Mai Burhan ko zinda rakhta aur unse dialogue karta: Congress leader


Senior Congress leader Saifuddin Soz on Friday said the decision to kill popular Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani was not one he would have chosen, saying it would have been better to have had a dialogue with him, Indian Express reported.

Mere bas mein hota toh Burhan Wani ko zinda rakhta aur unse dialogue karta (If it were up to me, Burhan Wani would have been kept alive and a dialogue would have taken place), Soz said.

Burhan Wani’s killing resulted in mass uprising in Valley that continued for months leading to the death of nearly 100 protesters with many being severely injured.

In July that year, Soz had suggested that the government withdraw the ‘draconian’ AFSPA law from the Valley and initiate a dialogue.


The BJP, reacting to Soz’s remarks, said terrorists should always be treated as terrorists. “The government has to ensure peace, it is our aim to destroy them (terrorists),” MoS Home Hansraj Ahir said. Jammu Kashmir Deputy CM Nirmal Singh asked: “people who call terrorists leaders, do they want to glorify them? Terrorists will always be treated like terrorists.

Congress says Saifuddin Soz’s remarks on Burhan Wani do not represent party’s position

The Congress on Friday distanced itself from the remarks of its leader Saifuddin Soz on Burhan Wani, whom the party dubbed as a terrorist who killed innocent people.

Congress spokesperson RPN Singh said the party has nothing to do with Soz’s remarks, which is not the party’s stated position, but questioned the PDP-BJP government why it paid compensation to Burhan Wani’s family.

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