Major bills are still pending: PDP


PDP-logoJammu: Jammu and Kashmir People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader and Chief Election Coordinator for Jammu Province Abdul Hamid Choudhary has said that there are bills worth crores of rupees and scholarships for sportspersons which this spendthrift government is unable to clear because of poor fiscal health.

Extravagant spending by state government including expenditure on luxuries, new vehicles, renovation of offices and bungalows of ministers and POL (Petrol, Oil & Lubricant) for their vehicles has drained state coffers to the extent that today this incumbent government is not able to clear liabilities which have piled up to a whooping sum of more than Rs 1500 crore. So much so that the government is running state affairs by borrowing money from open market.

“The government on Friday claimed to have cleared some payments yet major bills are still pending. Had the government spent tax payers’ money ably such a situation would not have occurred,” he added.

The PDP leader said though government is blaming Centre for delay in plan allocation, the state coffers should have had enough money to carry on routine works at least for few months. The irony is that this government is now dependent upon borrowings and that too after agreeing to pay an interest rate of 8.9 percent. The empty coffers have started showing rippling effects wherein development has stopped, scholarships are not being disbursed and contractors are not carrying work for want of payment.

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