Major setback for Pakistan! European Parliament stands with India on Kashmir issue


In a major setback for Pakistan, the European Parliament, on Tuesday, stood with India on Kashmir at its General Assembly in Strasbourg, France, according to sources.

Sources report that the majority of the members spoke in support of India while allegedly terming Pakistan an ambiguous country. Members in the European Parliament have also reportedly said Kashmir is an entirely bilateral issue and no point of third party mediation. It also asserted that Brussels has no role in Kashmir.

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Sources report that India’s major supporting members were Spain’s Javi Lopez, France’s Julie Lechanteux, Poland’s Ryszard Czarnecki, UK’s Dinesh Dhamija, and France’s Gilles Leberton. Apart from extending India its support, the members have also stated that Pakistan is a perpetrator of terror, as per sources.

The members have also reportedly said that the terrorist attacks on Indian Jammu Kashmir are coming from Pakistan. The European Parliament has stated that it will monitor and make efforts to avoid escalation.

Extolling India’s great democracy, the members have also reportedly pointed out to the assembly that India has triple talaq practice, thus protecting the human rights of Muslim women. This is the second time since 2008 that the European Parliament General Assembly has discussed the Kashmir issue.