Major traffic jam at Narwal by-pass due to dysfunctional traffic lights


Jammu: Today, a heavy traffic was witnessed at the Narwal Chowk, Jammu. The situation appears pandemonic as the vehicles from different lanes stuck at the chowk. Moreover, Narwal road being comparatively broader than the roads in residential areas of Jammu such as New Plot, Ambphalla etc. is unlikely to witness such event.

U4UVoice contacted the Traffic Control Unit, Jammu which informed that the traffic policemen are stationed at the site who are constantly making efforts to regulate the traffic. The incharge said that such a scene arises in the afternoon peak hours despite the functioning traffic lights. The rush is enormous and regulating traffic accordingly for smooth mobility is challenging. Although the eyewitnesses informed that the traffic lights are non-operational.

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It is important for the concerned authorities to ensure mobility in the Jammu region as in the past years the number of vehicles has risen greatly. The Govt. has made absolutely no effort to build the infrastructure of the region with respect to the growing demands of the population.