Make Institutions Functional and Responsible, says Dr. Nirmal Kamal


BJP PC (1)Appreciating the cooperation shown by the Jammu public towards victims of horrendous disaster in the State, BJP State spokesperson Dr. Nirmal Kamal, while addressing media persons at Party Headquarters today said that Jammu public has again shown magnanimity in mitigating the sufferings of people in the State. She even appreciated Chief Justice of J&K High Court, who personally came out to distribute relief as holy cause among the needy.

Ridiculing the opportunistic leaders who disappeared from the scenes of Natural disaster when the public needed them most and those directly responsible for loss of men and material had gone in hibernation, Dr. Nirmal Kamal said adding that the State Government, if any, should by now awaken to introspect its unwarranted corrupt and biased administrative approach to deal with the highly sensitive projects fallen prey to corrupt practices. The State of J&K has acquired status of Number 1 in Corruption, this unfortunate September calamity is evidential effect requiring no more documents. Fiddling with the nature, unbridled urbanization, unauthorized land allotments and land grabbing, neglected river embankments- all are pointers towards flourished corruption with the consent of those in power. The institutions assigned the job to remain vigilant are ineffective and non-vigilant confining only to catch small fish once in a blue moon. The tentacles of corruption have spread in each and every sector. So and so that the academics too, are not lagging behind despite the fact that cases of bungling are registered. It is senseless to retain tainted elements for long till they are proven guilty, said Dr Nirmal Kamal hinting at Tamil Nadu High Court verdict on former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Establishing special fast trial Courts can solve the menace to some extent, Dr. Nirmal Kamal said firmly, so that tainted individuals are not allowed to sit on the high seats of power.

Dr. Nirmal Kamal further asserted that the public is fed up of pay offs and immoral atmosphere all around. There is growing demand for centralized agency to distribute relief material as the people have lost trust on the government. Chief Minister of the State being administrative head of the State should not protect the tainted ministers and officers and should own the moral responsibility for the present turmoil. Allowing coterie to make hay when the sun shines is one thing but washing sins in flowing waters is a pious opportunity before him. The present calamity should be taken as eye opener to bring attitudinal changes in the administrative functioning. This is high time to make institutions functional and responsible to stop any such untoward calamity, cautioned Dr. Nirmal Kamal.

BJP State Spokesperson & State Press Secretary Balbir Ram Rattan was also present in the press conference.

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