MalliKote in Reasi electrified on papers but no power in village

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scamThe villagers of Mallikote in Mahore tehsil of district Reasi have complained that despite India entering the 21st century their village remains without power till date. The villagers have registered a complaint to the Grievance Cell of the Chief Minister as well but no action or help came from the highest authority in the state. In a letter to the power minister, the villagers said that MRE Division, Reasi has estimated that an amount of Rs 137.50 crore which has been submitted to
Development Commissioner Power vde their office letter No CEJTS1256495 dated 28-07-2011 but no any action has been taken by PDD and Govt of J&K.
A report was submitted by Deputy General Manger (RGGVY) K D Choudhary that the electrification work in the village was completed which is totally false. The villagers allege that only a small hamlet of 25 families was  electrified, and the rest of the village is without power. The electrification of village has happened only in the papers, the locals allege.
report by cj Tahir