Mamata blames Rahul Gandhi for BJP’s win in Tripura elections


Kolkata, Mar 3: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today blamed Congress
leader Rahul Gandhi for BJP’s win in Tripura elections and predicted that the saffron party
to be wiped out in 2019 Parliamentary polls.

Reacting to the outcome of Tripura’s general elections in which the BJP unseated 25 years
rule of CPI(M) led Left Front government, Ms. Banerjee, who is also the chairperson of All
India Trinamool Congress, said while the CPI(M) abjectly surrendered to the “force and source
of BJP” the Congress was also to be blamed for the rise of BJP in that state.
” I told Rahul Gandhi for having an electoral alliance in the 60-member Tripura assembly
poll with 14 sets for hill parties, 16 for AITC and 30 seats for the Congress but my offer was
not heeded by the Congress party,”. Ms Banerjee revealed today.
She said the CPI(M) got 45 per cent votes compared to BJP’s 50 per cent but an electoral
alliance with AITC, Congress and regional parties of Tripura would have other equation in the hustings.

” I would say the Congress leadership has provided oxygen to BJP in Tripura,” Ms Banerjee
said and warned that the saffron party would face elimination in 2019 polls starting from
Madhya Pradesh, Karntaka and Rajashtan.
” Congress must take the blame for this (result). They are the ones who provided oxygen to
the BJP. I had personally offered to create a common platform to combat BJP, but they had
rejected my offer,” Ms Banerjee reacted critically.

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