Man abducted, acid thrown on face in Kathua; Police unfolds confounding Truth!


Kathua – In a terrible incident that took place on 16 Feb in Billawar Tehsil of Kathua district, a few masked men kidnapped the manager of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), reports a local daily. The culprits grabbed him and pushed him into their car forcefully. After driving some distance they threw acid on the man’s face and abandoned him. The victim received serious injuries obtaining 40% of burns. He has been admitted to GMC, Jammu.


Vishal Verma, 29, R/o Lakhri is the manager of NRHM in the District Hospital, Kathua. At around 5 pm when Vishal was returning to Billawar from Kathua, he paused at Pintar to fetch some documents from the office when 4 masked men kidnapped him. Upon reaching Guda Kalyal, the kidnappers threw acid on his face and hurled him out of the car. The locals came to his help who took him to the hospital.

Police investigation:


On police investigation, this was found to be a forged story. And thus totally frivolous and false, as it was suspected that kidnapping in a crowded area like Pintar is unlikely to happen and unheard of. On 18 Feb, Billawar police apprehended the main accused lady identified as Babli Devi W/o Mukhtyar Singh R/o Lakhri Billawar age 34 years. The accused lady narrated the whole the police.

Surprising Twist:

The accused informed that Vishal and she were neighbours. They were having an affair for the last six years. But, Vishal was engaged to a girl and their marriage was scheduled to take place on 28 Feb.

Babli did not wish to leave Vishal. Foreseeing an abrupt end of their relationship, she devised a manic plan. She called the victim into her house on 16 Feb during evening hours, when there was nobody present at home.

Plan Execution:

As soon as Vishal entered her house, she threw acid over him. She informed to police that her intention was to only deform his face such that nobody else would accept him, except her. In the heat of the moment she hurled acid all over his body which left him with serious burns.

People of Billawar area have appreciated the swift action of Billawar police in solving the confounding acid-attack case and hence put an end to all the speculations. The investigation was carried out by SHO Billawar Sh. Sushil Sharma under the direct supervision of SSP Kathua Sh. Pawan Parihar and SDPO Basohli Sh. Shivender Singh.