Man Arrested For Allegedly Chopping of Genitals of Two Others


Chennai: A 36-year-old homosexual has been arrested for allegedly chopping off the genitals of two men, one of whom died, police said.

Munusamy, a native of Manamadurai, was arrested following the release of video clips by police which had visuals of him walking under a flyover near Retteri in north Chennai.

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Additional commissioner of police R Dhinakaran told that the man was arrested after the police sifted through footage of 40 CCTV cameras.

When a man, who was found with serious cut injuries to his genitals near the Retteri flyover, died recently, it baffled the public and the police.

While police were looking for clues in the case, another man was found in an unconscious state with a similar injury at the same spot here. He was taken to a hospital and was being treated.

Police, hence, felt that the same assailant could have been involved in both the cases.

“Munusamy had recently come to Chennai and he was working in a fish outlet. He is a homosexual and he confessed to attacking the two men for not RPT not cooperating with him,” the official said.

The accused, married and having two children, claimed he does not attack men if they ‘cooperated’ in his acts.

While he slashed the genitals of one of his victims with a blade, he cut the private parts of another with a broken liquor bottle, the official said quoting the accused.