Man Claims he saw world in 2030, passes Lie detector test, makes bizarre predictions (WATCH)


In a shocking yet interesting turn of events, a man called Noah who has claimed to be a time traveller who returned from 2030, as passed a lie-detector test on his predictions on US President Donald Trump and domestic help robots, among others.

He has made some bizarre predictions and it is tough to say if it’s mere imagination or a real case of time travel. Noah himself has opted to remain anonymous as he fears that he might be attacked for revealing what holds for the world in future.

According to Paranormal Elite, the man suffers from depression and anorexia claiming to be from his years of time travel. He has claimed to have lived for 50 years, but currently looks like a 25-year-old man because of secret age-defying drugs.


He has also claimed that artificial intelligence and virtual reality are set to become a rage in near future. Noah said that he is only trying to make people aware. He claimed that he belongs to 2021, but is stuck in the course of time travel at the present time.

In the video he shared with Paranormal Elite, his face is blurred but his mannerism suggests that he is pretty disturbed and probably not in the right frame of mind.

If predictions made by him are to be believed, US President Donald Trump will win a second term to the White House and a Google Glass-style device would be worn by everyone by 2030, reported The Sun.

In other predictions, Noah has said that electric and self-driving cars will undergo massive improvement. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are set to become a rage in near future, according to Noah.

About upcoming Presidents of America, Noah has said that Martin Luther King Jr’s daughter will win the US Presidential elections in 2030.

Noah has said that with his predictions, he is just making an attempt to make people aware. In even more shocking claims, Noah belongs to 2021, but is stuck in the course of time travel in the present time.

Paranormal Elite, which posted Noah’s video, said, “Noah, the time traveller in the video, is actually from America but after he was fired he was relocated to Guadalajara Mexico. He has recorded cases of depression of anorexia so we can claim that is 100% true, otherwise you guys decide. We at Paranormal Elite urge everyone to keep an open mind and come to a conclusion yourself.”

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