Man rapes a girl; Panchayat gets him married to her

Image Courtesy- Deccan Chronicle

Jammu, May 22: Mohammed Javed of Paneen village who had allegedly raped a 14- year old Class VIII student, and also was a relative of this girl, was forced to marry the alleged victim. Earlier, Javed was paraded on a donkey with shoes around his neck.

The villagers put a garland of shoes around the neck of the alleged accused, blackened his face and paraded him in bazaars and markets on a donkey following the decision of Panchayat so that others do not dare even think of committing such a crime.


This incident took place on May 20 when Javed abducted the victim girl and took her to his house. The father of the victim decided to settle the issue at panchayat level and did not lodge a complaint with the police. The panchayat decided that a penalty of Rs. 5 lakh should be imposed on Javed which will be given to the victim’s family or else he should accept marriage with the girl which the accused accepted. Later the rapist and victim got married.

The police maintained that they had no role in the matter as no complaint had been received.


Image Courtesy- Deccan Chronicle