See how this man saved a life at exhibition ground outside Press Club, Jammu; Faith in Humanity restored


Pictures by Sandeep

By Rishav

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With life running at the fast pace it runs at, we often forget it’s value. We forget to show kindness to that hungry homeless man as we get late for work; we forget to show sympathy to our colleagues who are hurting as the deadline for that huge consignment comes. We often forget the Human touch with the mechanical burden of workload weighs day after day, bereaving us of our empathy.

Morning newspapers bring nothing but headline of horror and torment. Somewhere a girl’s innocence is looted, somewhere someone is murdered, and we sip our coffee feeling nothing but an unbelievable disgust, wondering if there is any humanity left in the world after all. But then there are some people who remind us of what humans are capable of. Just as a little light is required to end even the darkest of the dark; a little act of kindness holds tremendous strength.

It was a just another day and life followed its routine. But it was troubled for a little crow who got tangled in the plastic threads on a tree by its wing. It tried and tried, and for the next two hours, almost wailed in pain.


The tree had its height and the grip tightened around the crow’s trapped wing as it tried to set itself free. Someone noticed it and with a few minutes, a flock of us was around that tree. Everybody was weary of the height of the tree to do anything for the poor life who was by now hurting in sheer agony. Then something so beautiful happened that restored the lost faith in humanity.

Mr. Rakesh Parihar, a police man, gathered the courage and tried to climb the tree. It was the moment when all of us came together and helped him up the tree.




Then he carefully inched on the shaky branches and with the help of a long bamboo stick, he reached for the crow and after struggling carefully for a while, he was able to set it free of its agonizing prison.

Humanity Humanity

Mr. Sanjay Sharma also hold a mention as he helped a great deal to Mr. Rakesh Parihar. We all patted the crow with love and adoration, and gave some water.



The crow readily drank a lot of it and then it was the moment when we set it free. Watching it fly with freedom was a spectacle to relish. This little act of kindness did a great deal to remind us of the greatness humanity can achieve.



It doesn’t need a lot, just a little concern, a little sympathy and value of life we should always keep handy. It really doesn’t take a lot.