Man secretly gives wife poisonous juice to abort their child

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Jammu and Kashmir News

Jammu : A horrifying incident of a man giving his pregnant wife poison in order to abort their child, has been reported at the Nowabad Police Station. The incident took place at a park situated near Bhagwati Nagar and the accused has been absconding since then.

As per the reported filed by the wife with the police, the woman was four months into her pregnancy and was living away from his husband due due an ongoing conflict. A few days ago, the husband called her up and asked to meet at the park, urging her to dissolve their differences.


The woman met him at the park at the given time, where he offered her juice. They talked for a while and went home later on. When the woman reached her place, her condition started deteriorating and was rushed to the doctor. On examining her, the doctor stated that she had consumed a poisonous substance and advised her an abortion.

The woman was all torn up after the expulsion.

After a while, she grew suspicious of her husband, owing to the fact that he didn’t want to live with her neither did he ever wanted the child, and called him up to inquire the same. The accused simply shunned the idea.

The woman the contacted the officers at Nowabad Police Station and narrated the entire incident. DSP Sugandha Mahajan, affirmed that a case under section 316 has been charged against Sohan Singh, resident of Inder Nagar, Talab Tillo. The police have started investigation.