The Manhandling of the GMC Doctor. Here is what should not have happened!


By Puneet Gupta #OPINION

For the fault of those in Authority and in Bureaucracy, why should a Doctor be beaten up?

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I am calling the manhandling ‘alleged’ because taking names to bolster the veracity of an event which happens very often at GMC or SMGS is not the reason behind this article. In this article I intend to provide some facts and exclusive pictures to show the Doctors in a positive light. A side that the general media tends to ignore!

The stories of any Doctor getting manhandled and the strikes that ensue always have two sides:

  1. The story of the Doctor who gets thrashed and
  2. The story of the politically connected people

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The Medicine Department of GMC happens to have limited space and thus, a single Examination Couch. A patient with just way too many family attendants had at the time occupied the couch. The tests on this patient, who was experiencing weakness, had been completed already.

Now, one would expect the patient to vacate the examination couch and shift to the general ward such that the next patient can be examined. But in this particular case, the family members of this patient outright refused to move the patient out of the room. The female doctor on duty requested for the patient to be shifted so that the next patient in waiting could be examined. This is where the problem began. The family was politically connected and thus wanted to use that as a privilege.

If you are politically connected, your life automatically becomes more important than even a dying patient. You may not know this but if you are politically connected, the Government Hospital automatically becomes your dad’s personal property.

The female Doctor in charge asked for the patient to be shifted again and that is when the expletives started. You know, the Gaali-Galoch. Because gaali-galoch is the authoritative way to show WHO THE DADDY is.

Common Hindi adjectives, which have Mother and Sister as prefixes, were used for the female doctor by a young lad belonging to this connected family. The females of the family ‘ALLEGEDLY’ pushed the female Doctor to the wall. The details of what happened afterwards are not even necessary. Things happened and they simply should not have.

Why did this event happen? Three reasons!

  1. The family was highly connected and refused to budge. All through this episode the family kept on threatening the Doctor using names of different MLAs and Ex-MLA.
  2. There were more than 7 family attendants for this patient.
  3. The Security Guards were not present at the venue.

The political and politically connected people anyway make way too many demands for even the smallest of ailments. Our highly cocky and intolerant BABUS  or people related to BABUS demand of Doctors higher in authority to give them personal attention. As a result, patients who may be severely ill do not get the attention. Emotions run high but the blame only falls in the kitty of  the doctor on duty. Abuses, manhandling, life-threats and what not!

All of this because a doctor tries to save lives? The administrations plans have to change!

The Administration has got to increase the current cap on the ‘Number‘ of Doctors such that the Doctor to patient ratio can improve. Having a security guard or two is never going to help. Prevention is the solution. You cannot have a cure to such issues where emotions run high.

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A security guard sleeping on duty on a patient bed in GMC


Another guard sleeping away to glory in a GMC ward


The security guards employed are generally very old or dont take action against the abusive family members or are simply absent from the scene of action.

The GMC authorities have issued circulars 8 times in the last six months on increase in the number of security guards. These circulars have also included those where the doctors can file FIRs against attendants of a patient.

8 times in six Months? Do you see that even if so many circulars have been issued, no action has really happened?

Simple and effective measures can solve the recurrent problem.

1. Allow for employent of more doctors to improve your skewed up doctor-patient ratio. More doctors on duty will mean more individual attention even if short-timed. This will mean fewer Angry Relatives.

2. Employing enough number of security personnel who can at least assert for a limited number of family members to enter alongwith the patient.

If just two of these decisions are simply delivered upon, those in authority can reduce future strikes. People need to have faith in the doctors and not hate them. Action is possible and the ball is in the court of the AUTHORITIES to make the working conditions more suitable.

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