Manish Suri Jammu – Unique Art of Wooden Carving


Wooden carving is an exclusive art and a unique technique to create artwork from wood. Beautiful sculptures and statues are made by scraping a small or a large piece of wood with the help of a knife and other tools & gears. We can use these structures anywhere in our homes, offices and shops. These figurines look very impressive and give a statement of someone’s taste. But it is not an easy task and one should have great endurance to pursue this art. With persistence he or she can create a masterpiece with a piece of wood.
It is an ancient technique because we can see it on the roofs of houseboats, old temples and in old houses also. These carvings give them amazing and stunning look. Nowadays some furniture stuffs also have carving done on it which changes the appearance and the value of the furniture and gives a very royal look to it.

An admirable carving depends upon many factors like quality of wood, texture of wood, knowledge of tools, creativity, patience and practice. The wood used in carving should be soft so that it could be cut with the help of a knife easily. Otherwise chisel and mallet would be used to carve the wood. Some wooden pieces have natural shine and texture. So, there is no need to paint them. If the wood is too much dry then the product will not give fine finish and will crack easily. For a valuable stuff one should use a walnut, mahogany or cherry wood because these types of wood have good colors and good textures.

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Knowledge of tools is also a major factor in decent carving. One should be very well known about that which tools will be used and where. Otherwise your artwork will turn into a clutter. Creativity gives a structure to a log, patience converts it into a masterpiece and the practice makes a sculptor an artist who gives a life to a piece of wood. All these factors play a very pivotal role in the carvings.