Marriage Decoded (Indian Style)


Your spouse is not everything
Usually, we want our spouse to be our lover, the ideal parent, our financial partner, our best friend, and what not! That is too much pressure on any human being and is bound to fail. We are easily disappointed when dating because we expect everything from one person. It is important to split our needs among other family members just like the division of labour. After all, what are joint families for?

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Marriage is not personal
When we marry someone, we marry their families. We even live with some of the family members which makes us behave in a more thoughtful way with our spouse. Marriage becomes more than just a union of two people.

Arranged marriage is good too
How much time and energy we spend looking, online dating, giving time in relationships that fail. The biggest advantage of arranged marriage is, that we don’t have to work it all and if it doesn’t work it’s not our fault.

Another kind of love
The love that happens after marriage. Such love is equally beautiful and has no space for taking for granted the other person involved. Most of the times, both the partners put their effort and save it from failure.

Why do we fear commitment? Is it because we look for the next best thing because we have numerous options just a click away because we want it easy? We miss out a lot by not taking this risk.