Marvel’s Upcoming Movies to Feature a Gay Character


Los Angeles: Marvel Studio’s upcoming films plans of featuring a character as gay.

Joe, one half of the directing duo Russo Brothers who directed Endgame, suggested it is a person fans already know.

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The directors made the revelation to hosts Dalton Ross and Jessica Shaw during Entertainment Weekly’s Morning Live.

The presenters asked about Joe’s small part in the recently released blockbuster wherein he played a grieving man in a therapy session dealing with the loss of his loved one after Thanos’ snap.

“It was an integral scene to show how the world was reacting to what happened in at the end of ‘Infinity War’,” Joe said.

Ross asked if it was the first out gay character in a Marvel film, to which the director said Yes, openly gay.

“There’ve been insinuations about other characters’ sexuality, but this is the first openly gay character,” he added.

When Shaw asked who else was gay, Joe tip-toed and said “Uhhh. We’re gonna find out.”

“That’s a story for another day,” Anthony added.

Last year, Marvel head Kevin Feige said two openly gay characters would be revealed.

“There is a gay character coming up in one of their films, and I think Kevin will make that announcement, I’m sure pretty soon,” Joe said.