Masarat’s act is a slap on the face of judiciary system & the inefficiency of the government voicing imaginary promises



By  Pawas Verma

The Hurriyat hardliner Geelani was warmly welcomed amid the slogans of “Pakistan zindabad” and “Kashmir banega Pakistan” yesterday in a rally held by the recently freed separatist leader Masarat Alam who also hoisted the Pakistani flag in the controversial event.

Mufti however, has been insisting since the formation of government, to take the peace process forward by stressing the need to engage separatists and the neighbor country Pakistan to resolve the political issue of Kashmir. Mufti’s decision of releasing Masarat Alam in the course of freeing political prisoners had already created a row throughout the state while the Minister was later observed defending himself and his mellow approach towards the separatist leaders and also our neighbor friend Pakistan.


After Alam’s re-arrest without a trace of remorse or guilt, he said, “Who cares; there are already several FIRs against me.” Is the statement a slap on the face of judiciary system of the state or the inefficiency of the ruling government which claims to empower Kashmir but has been performing at the same degraded level as any other government that has ruled J&K before? PDP MLA Nizam-ud-Din Bhat also finds nothing wrong with this ill-act, saying that hoisting of Pakistani flags is not new to Kashmir. To the anti national leaders who openly challenge the law and judiciary system by expressing their hatred for the country openly, what could legal recourse even mean. They have been hoodwinking the politicians as well as the law holders from several years, showing them that they care no hoot about the law while they let their hatred towards India prevail in the valley. Registering FIR’s clearly means nothing to the hardcore anti nationals of the valley till the government keeps succumbing to their ‘daily deeds’ of hatred rather humbly. The soft terrorism has been growing and instead of curbing it by sending them behind the bars, they are accepted as what they do is ‘nothing new’. Filing cases against these anti nationals has hence, never been a matter of security but of diverting the public from the inefficiency and control the very own government of J&K has here. Instead of rebuffing such provocative acts, there is humble acceptance with no stern actions against them. One day they will be arrested and the next day, released. The week-kneed politicians have no courage or even planning to curb such acts in the valley or to go even a bit beyond the high talks of bringing peace in the valley. These anti national leaders are gradually becoming a part of the mainstream leadership in the region and the bitter truth is that they have more control over the state and its decisions than the law holders and legislators. Leaders like Yasin Malik, Geelani and Masarat Alam have become the mouthpiece for the region to coax the mocking of law, order and dispensation of justice. Several cases are pending against these leaders while the government has still not stepped beyond their morbid modus operandi. Mufti’s soft approach to accommodate the anti national elements in the course of resolving Kashmir issue is likely going to be just another blunder of PDP BJP alliance.

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