Masood Azar more dangerous than Hafiz Saeed


Masood Azar  the founder and leader of Jaish-e-Mohammed  is proving to be more dangerous than Hafiz Saeed the chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawa .

The two  most deadliest terror attacks- Pathankot air base attack  and the recent attack on army in Uri were masterminded by Azar.

As per sources, Jaish-e-Mohammed thoroughly studies the area ,situation and gathers more information before carrying out any attack than Lashkar or Jamaat. Their attacks are more brutal and violent.

In the recent Uri attack, the Jaish Fidayeens were escorted by the guides to the army headquarters. They had full information about the army soldiers. As  a result, 18 brave soldiers lost their lives.

The same technique was used by Jaish terrorists during Pathankot air base attack.

Not only this, it was also responsible for brutally chopping off  the heads of two Indian soldiers in Poonch in 2012.

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