Massive Jolt! World Body Black Listed Pakistan: Watch Video


Pakistan: Pakistan has been black listed by all world bodies for shielding terrorist. fter being placed on the grey list by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), Pakistan is now on the verge of being blacklisted by the Asia-Pacific Group (APG) — one of the nine regional affiliates of the anti-money laundering watchdog.

FATC group has said that Pakistan is a certified terror state and faces financial downgrade. Pakistan has failed to meet all parameters. In the APG, there are around 40 parameters of which Pakistan has failed in over 35. There are 11 effectiveness parameters and Pakistan has failed in 10, sources have said.

Pakistan has to show compliance in both, the MER and the FATF action plan, in the next plenary session of the FATF which will take up the final review of Pakistan’s case in October.

If the Pakistani delegation fails to convince the regional grouping, then the country will be put on the lowest list of the APG — blacklist.

After pressure from the US, France, Germany, UK, Pakistan was earlier grey-listed by the FATF. Adverse findings by the APG will keep Islamabad on the negative radar when the deadline for the final review ends October 2019 which could mean more trouble for Pakistan with possible initiation of the blacklisting process.

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