YOUR TAKE: How satisfied are you with the public transport?


Well, we don’t have local trains or metros like Mumbai and Delhi but we have ‘matadors’ as the lifeline of Jammu. There are many who commute by this lone public transport on a daily basis. Every time someone or the other is requesting them to drive slow and the rest are complaining about the long and unnecessary halts. They are either too rash or way too slow.

We approached a few people who commute via matador, asking them how satisfied they are with the services and here is a glimpse of what they think.


Sunil Sharma

ur (1)“I find the matadors services very beneficial, especially for the ones who have to travel everyday. We can go anywhere as the connectivity is very good. Government transport has limited rules, and the private transport in other cities is not as active as here. The mobility is trouble free and the availability is high. I am very satisfied as I commute only by matador and I haven’t had much problem.”



Prince Shah

ur (3)“I think the services can be made better. It is beneficial but only in a limited manner. They barely care about the rules. Even the routes are not fixed and they switch the roads howsoever they wish, without paying any considerable heed to the traffic rules. The passenger fare is also uneven, while some charge 10 bucks, the others might demand 15 for the same route. Also, now that the prices have gone down, they haven’t released the new list yet. They are charging us the same as before.”


Urja Singh

ur (49)“If I talk about girls in particular, I would term the matadors very unsafe. I have seen the drivers and the conductors also bothering young girls gawking at them the whole way and that is definitely very uncomfortable. When the matadors are too crowded, some perverts try taking advantage of girls and even women for that matter. It becomes embarrassing because it happens every time. There is no fixed sitting arrangement for girls/women or even pregnant ladies. Sometimes if the passenger asks them to stop to get down, they would recklessly stop after miles. They are very rash in driving and always disregard the rules.”


Ashima Sharma

ur (43)” I think it is good in terms of convenience. The travel is easy, I normally commute through matadors only and it is always easy to go from one corner of the city to another as the connectivity is full-fledged throughout the city. The only problem is that the matadors are very small in size and are not enough accommodate a lot of people but they still keep packing it up, especially in the late evening hours. They toss away the traffic rules in trash. Whenever they are caught, they turn to bribery and well, the problem gets solved in no time.”


Aneesh Pundu

ur (37)“Well, there are many who pay no heed to rules and regulations. Some are even without license. They have numerous contacts and links so they know that they will manage if they are caught. Hence they never care about the rules. Half of them are below 20 years, some are even below 15. The charges are uneven, the routes are not fixed. There are no seats reserved for pregnant ladies or even senior citizens for that matter. Seat belts? Rules? These things have never caught their attention. The lone good thing about them is that the connectivity is good.”


We invite you to share what you think. Feel free to drop a comment in the box below.

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