Matadors refuse to charge as per the fixed student fair


Citizen Journalist Inderjeet Singh

I am a student and have been using public transport from the past nine months on a daily basis as I travel everyday for my tuitions and school. The daily travel has however become an issue these days as the Matador conductor refuses to charge us as per the student fair. So many times, despite showing them my Id card, the person would refuse to charge me as per the student fare that is, 5 rupees and would instead charge me 10 rupees. Many other students face similar problem but nobody reports. The authorities keep fleecing us and say that we charge as per the student fair only for a limited time.


Also, they keep overloading the vehicle. The buses here already offer less space and despite knowing that they would keep stuffing in the passengers without considering the comfort of the passengers. Also, people had been protesting for no reduction in the passenger fare despite the reduction in petrol prices.

The government barely shows any interest in the problems that a common man has to face on a daily basis but these matters are as important as others and should be addressed immediately. The concerned authorities need to pay some attention to the cry of Jammu citizen.


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