Maternity hospital in Anantnag in shambles, allege patients; no docs, poor facilities


hospitalPatients in Maternity and Laparoscopic hospital in South Kashmir’s Anantnag district are aghast over the lack of facilities at this place. Patients – who come here – leave with a bagful of complaints – which they say none is ready to listen.

As per Javaid, who has spent past three days at this hospital, post delivery of his sister is fuming because of bad conditions which prevail at this hospital. “I believe the hospital should be closed down immediately as it is in bad shape,” he adds. Thr Hospital also lacks hygiene — which is one of the priorities for patient-baby care — everywhere.

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“It is horrifying to see the conditions in which children are taking birth. It is a dirty place. No sweeper visits the facility and waste remains lying in the wards at all hours of the day.” The power cuts according to him at this hospital are so frequent that during night one hardly gets to see light.

“Light comes during morning only and that too for an hour. I have been at this hospital for three days and I witnessed the same scenario in all these days,” he adds. Revealing further his litany of complaints Javaid says that not only health care and basic facilities but doctors also seldom visit the hospital.

“No doctor remains available 24hours here. One has to look for the doctors; I don’t know what people do here in case of emergencies.” In addition, to it he further says that the hospital rooms are too small and two people are being accommodated in the same room.

“First the condition of hospital is so bad and second the rooms are too small to adjust people.”
Javaid says in all hospitals around the world patient care is the foremost duty of all hospital authorities but here in Anantnag the case is different.

“The hospital isn’t even good for the cattle but who will raise a voice and who will pay us attention. It is all mess over and no takers here,” Javaid emphasizes. Javaid believes that people should stop visiting this hospital for it can only give birth to further ailments. However, calling it unfortunate people say that due to lack of hospitals in the district they are forced to come to this place.

“We have nowhere to go except this hospital. Visiting Srinagar hospitals is our only option but in case of emergencies we are compelled to take this hospital as an option,” says Showkat Ahmad. People here say that they are requesting the authorities to take up required measures to uplift the quality of this hospital else it can lead to serious health issues among children.