Medical Shops in Kangan remain unchecked, patients face trouble; authorities sleeping.


 Putting human lives at risk the medical shops in Kangan are promoting
substitute and substandard drugs on a large scale which has higher
margins of profit- thus fleecing the customers.

Un checked shop

The chemists are hoodwinking the state government and general
public over the presence of spurious and sub-standard drugs in Kashmir while the drug department
is keeping eyes closed over the drug mafia.

Sources revealed that the Drug and Food Control
Organization has failed to evaluate a large number of retail and
wholesale drug dealers for the renewal of license even scores of new
shops have been started without license from the concerned department
in many areas of the valley.

“Medical shops usually don’t sell the medicine prescribed by the
doctors. They give customers substitute drugs to earn high margins of
profit,” says a doctor who is a consultant in a Government hospital.

Doctor says the chemists are promoting only substitute drugs while
ignoring medicines prescribed by doctors to earn higher profits.

“The prices of some drugs are much higher than prescribed ones. The
condition is very bad in valley and we don’t know what these shops
would be selling in the rural areas,” he says.

The pharmaceutical companies also allege the sale of the substitute
drugs by the medical shops in Valley which, according to them, gives
them least profit percentage.

“The doctors prescribe drugs of reputed and genuine companies after
properly analyzing the salts. However, the medical shops convince the
patients of takings substitutes which cost much higher,” says owner of
a Pharma company.

Drug sector is considered to be one of the largest industries in the
valley today with an annual turnover of around Rs 400 crore in
Srinagar only.

“This industry is growing fast here because of its high profitability.
So, everyone is trying his hand in this business,” says Doctor.

“Yesterday I was prescribed Moviprep (a powder) for a test by a doctor
and I was given few Tablets by a medical shopkeeper in Kangan and I
was sent back by Doctors at SKIMS saying that I was unprepared for the
test” said a patient who hails from Kangan.

“Here in Kangan middle fail boys are working in medical shops, what
they read from prescriptions and what type of medicine they could
provide to the patients” he added.

“Unchecked drugs are a growing menace and their abuse is a growing
threat! Specially to the youths. This area has became a hub of such
drugs and scores of alchol bottles and other unnecessary drugs are
seen openly. 

“How can patient be cured if he will continue taking these drugs,”
says one of the doctors wishing anonymity.

Locals blame that new clinics and shops are opened here and putting
number of Advertisements and sign boards with atractive names and
qualifications but on the ground level they are not the ones or alike.

“I have seen in this rural area patients are being looted by a
proffession so called doctor or physician who is worshiped in several
countries” a female student Ishrat said.

“All credit goes to the concerned authorities who either are in deep
slumber  or they are getting share of it. What so ever is there but a
poor human being is ill treated in day todays life” she added.

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