Meena Kumari, Narsimha are code names being used by Stone Pelters

The Kashmir Unrest has crossed 50 days now and a new information has come to fore wherein the stone-pelters attacking security personnel in different parts of the valley are using codenames.
These stone-pelters, working on the directives by separatists, and  their whereabouts – where they come from and where they head to – are some of the details that have begun coming out in police investigation. These stonepelters, specifically working under separatists go by the names Meena Kumari, Narsimha, Vaardaat, Dharma, Brett Lee etc.
Using the names of cricketers and filmstars help them in hiding their identities and these names have actually become a headache for security agencies pursuing these men.
These few men, who hide in stone-pelting mobs, have led major roles in the stone-attacks on different security agencies. Sources in Kashmir police say that once the real identities of these men is known, it would be easier to nab them.
Meena Kumari is the code name of the most famous stone-pelter in North Kashmir’s Baramulla and according to media reports, the police initially had no idea if this code name was of a male or a female. Cases were registered against this name because the locals also never gave away any information of the person using the name.
It was found out later that Meena Kumari is a code name being used by famous stone-pelter Parvez Kalu. Kalu was active in 2010 protests as well.
Jamia Masjid in Summer Capital sees Pakistani Flags and stone pelting every Friday and two stone-pelters, Mund and Jalru get active here. In Kashmiri language, Mund is the piece of wood used by butchers to cut meat.
Jalru means spider and it tool the police one month to find out the real names of these two men. Mund’s real name is Umar Bashir and Jalru’s is Arsalan
Two more famous stone pelters are Dharma and Narsimha. Dharma lives near Idgah and this code name is derived from the name of a character played by Amitabh Bachchan in the movie Adalat. Also Dharma is over six-foot tall.
Narsimha is active in Sopore and Baramulla.
Brett Lee and Googley are active in Srinagar’s Bemina and Kamarwari and both got the name for the style of throwing their stone.
Vaardaat has again gotten active in Srinagar’s Khanyar. According to the police, he has been active since 2008, back when he was a teenager.

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