Meet Ajay Kumar: Maiden Masterchef from Jammu


Ajay Kumar who recently qualified for top 10 list in Masterchef has been eleminated but he made us proud

After Piyush Bhagat, Ajay Kumar from Jammu has fired up a Storm on a National Prime Time Show on Star Plus, Masterchef India. 22 year old Ajay Kumar from Jammu, has already fixed a spot in top 16. In a brief rendevouz with the young lad, he attributed his success to the passion for food in this heart.

Born in the middle class family in Jammu, Ajay’s dream is no overnight quandry. With parents already in Catering business, Ajay Kumar  started taking interest in food, while growing up. He started to assist his mother in organizing various catering functions which further inclined his interest towards food.


His struggle to be a part of master chef India this season was not easy. He faced rejection on the show so many times but decided never gave up on his dreams. As they say where there is will there is way, with the inspiration of his mother driving him he got selected in this season of master chef India for this upcoming season.

This season started when he was in Bangalore and gave audition for master chef India from there he was selected in top 100 .The next audition was in Mumbai which made him in top 60. From there he was  called  to  Jodhpur  where he was asked to cook his signature dish with mother along his side  it was just a piece of cake for him from there  he was selected in top 16 contenders for the title of masterchef india  for this season.

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