Meet Akshi Sharma Walia- Beauty with Aid


Jammu has had many great talented personalities and one of them is our very own Mrs Asia USA 2014-2015, Akshi Sharma Walia, who has proved to be a perfect example for the women of the state to chase their dreams and live up for what they really want to do in life.

The beauty got married when she was 20 and achieved her dreams after that. According to her,  family support is something which is really important in life and for her the same helped her to win the contest. She had also been Miss J&K in 1999 and Miss Himachal Pradesh in 2001 and later got settled in America.

akshi sharma walia jammu

She had been a keen volunteer in social work and also counsels autistic kids. ” As a normal being no one listens to you for raising funds, but when you have a face, everyone listens to you. Being a pageant is not always situated to fashion, face or height it’s about what you will do afterwards.”, said Akshi.

For her being married is never a bar to stop and sit back at home. “It doesn’t matter if you are married if you want to do something you can. Age, status nothing matters as long as you yourself want to achieve your goals.”, She said.

Living in US she is still the face of Jammu and an idol for aspiring models  of the state. “In Jammu there are less opportunities in this field and I have seen people going to Mumbai to pursue it. if you are talented if you are really in your path nobody can stop you”, She said.

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She has even got many offers from Mumbai and different parts of the world to get in to the industry but she mentioned “I have not chosen this platform as my profession this is just a medium, for special kids I counsel for to raise awareness. I am now planning to go for Mrs Universe.”

The lady feels that India is booming in fashion industry. we get designer textiles all over the world from India but India needs to grow in this platform for the youngsters. There are too many frauds in Delhi that are happening we need to stop that because then girls lack behind as parents do not want their girls to go in wrong hands. There is no surety for the girls.

“I have been in the whole world but for me the best state is of course Jammu and I am always there for the youngsters who want to peruse in this field if they need any guidance they can message me on face book page.”, She said.

When asked about exploitation in this industry she said, “There is no way where anybody can exploit you. If you know where you want to go and where you are standing right now nobody can exploit you neither a girl or a boy. it totally depends on the individual whether he or she wants to get exploited or not.”

Jammu has tons of talent and beautiful girls and boys. I Suggest them to move ahead and not listen to anyone and choose a particular passion and go for it.


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