Meet Anubhav, the Shiva for last 5 years

Pictures by SandeepFotorCreated

This is Anubhav, regular 25 year old guy. But by Shivratri, he leaves his earthy form and transforms into a more mystical one, He becomes ‘Shiva’. He has been doing this for last 5 years. He feels much more closer to God and finds him self blessed as he serves Lord Shiva.

More moments from the other side of Maha Shivratri, the servants of God.

Shiv Barat 1

Shiv Barat 2

Shiv Barat 3

Shiv Barat 4


Shiv Barat 5

Shiv Barat 6

Shiv Barat 7

Shiv Barat



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