Meet Gaurav Gupta, the ace marathon runner from Jammu


A person who is fit both physically and mentally is strong enough to face the ups and downs of life, and is not affected by drastic changes if they take place. In order to maintain a relaxed state of mind, a person should be physically active. But fitness comes with a price, and story of this Jammu athlete will give you major fitness goals

“Where there is will there is a way” Mr. Gaurav Gupta proves this proverb.

Born and brought up in Jammu, Gaurav was a chubby child who loved eating immensely. And for obvious reasons, he would harp on junk and avoided much physical movement. A businessman and a young entrepreneur, Gaurav was either working, eating or sleeping. Fitness and exercise had no space in his ‘to-do’ list.


In 2014 while he was commuting to his work, he felt a sharp pain rising from his head. Upon checkup it was found that he had suffered a minor heart attack. He was 33 at that time and weighed above 90 kgs. Doctors told him that his excessive weight was the main reason behind this attack and advised him to lose some weight.

Hearing this, he started to make an evening walk a part of his schedule. Soon running became his passion. Inspired by a professional runners, he decided to run in Airtel Half Marathon. He started Preparing for his 21km run. While his training, just 21 days before the marathon he got a serious knee injury, following which neither his Doctor nor his Parents allowed him to take part. This surely discouraged him, but he never gave up. He made an excuse to his family and went to Delhi to participate with an injured and paining knee. He ran with a paining knee for 18 kms. His knee gave up, but his mind and will never gave up. He completed the run with the help of just one leg. The Joy of completing the marathon was something of a placebo effect which completely drained out the pain. “Ït was one of the most memorable moment of my life”, says Gaurav


After completing his 1st marathon he never looked back, He participated and completed a full international marathon which was held in Dubai. Now, there were no challenges that he can’t take.

Soon after that, he decided to run the world’s toughest marathon in Ladakh. The high altitude was a big challenge for Gaurav owing to the limited supply of oxygen. He started training for this marathon and worked hard for it. He participated and completed that race in 30 mins, which was of 21 km stretch in high hilly areas. Whereas time allotted to complete the marathon was of 3 hours. He is now B class marathon runner and a fitness lover who loves to stay fit and heathy.

During all of this time Mr. Gupta was the all alone representing our state, where as representatives from other states participated in groups .By looking into that he decided to encourage the youth and fitness lovers by providing them a platform to unleash their potential.

The 35 year old is filled with joy whenever he reminisces the change his life has gone through. From being a fat chubby boy to a marathon runner, Gaurav’s journey has been a remarkable one.

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