Meet India’s first women fighter pilots ever

Image Courtesy: ndtv

Yesterday, Air Force chief Arup Raha announced that the country would get its first women fighter pilots in June this year.

One of the fighter pilots, Bhawana Kanth said that this is happening now and I am grateful for that. Bhawana Kanth hails from Bihar. It was her dream to become a fighter pilot as she wanted to smash this stereotype that only men can fly fighter planes.

Ms Kanth credited her success to her parents as they never made her feel that she cannot become a fighter pilot just because she is a girl.

The second pilot, Mohana Singh comes from an Air Force family ad both her father and grandfather had served in the Indian Air Force though they were not into fighter planes. He said that joining Indian Air Force is a family tradition for her. After completing her

B.Tech, she too started looking for a job in the IT sector and got placed in Cognizant but she was simultaneously preparing to join the services as well. From her batch three girls out of the eight were selected for this opportunity which they grabbed happily. And it was her instructor who inspired her to become a fighter pilot.

The third girl, Avani Chaturvedi is from Rewa in Madhya Pradesh who believes that it is no different being a woman fighter pilot. According to her, the challenges are same for both the genders so she is not expecting to be treated differently.
Coming June 18, these girls will become India’s first women fighter pilots.

Arup Raha said that the girls will be treated just like fighter pilots and not like women pilots.

On the other hand, girls are excited to soar higher in the skies and achieving their dreams.

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