Meet Jammu’s best Kindergartener: Chetna Khullar


Chetna Khullar, Principal of Magic Years Playway School is the pioneer in the Kindergarten education in Jammu and runs the best Play-way school with the name “Magic Years Pre-School” in town. In the last 21 years, she has provided the right kind of base that every kids needs to reach heights of success. You can confirm with prestigious schools such as Presentation Convent that most her students are accepted there without fuss.


U4UVoice: When and why did you decide to enter the field of kindergarten education?

Chetna: Long back in 1995, It all started with a couple of children and a hobby class during the summer vacation. In that hobby class, there was this student, Nandini Nayar who’s father was in the army. After the classes ended, the parents of Nandini pushed me to open a school. They were very sure that if their girl is going to study in Jammu then the teacher is going to be me. Besides, my own kids were very young at that time. I am basically from Delhi and was very keen that they get the right kind of base. This is how Magic Years School started.

U4UVoice: What did you find to be the most difficult aspect of kindergarten teaching?

Chetna: Getting the right kind of teachers! The teachers who have love for kids and passion for imparting the value based education are the kind required for small children and I am lucky enough to have found such teachers. They have been working with me for last 18 to 19 years and helping the kids grow.

U4UVoice: Magic years has done exceedingly well for two decades? Why didn’t you expand?

Chetna: I was very fond of children of age group from 2 to 5. In last 21 years, I tried to give the best kind of base for kids from Jammu. I feel being a specialist in one field is better than going ahead and get lost in a sea which has loads and loads of fishes. You should be known for what you can do best and that was the reason why I decided to continue with a kindergarten for so many years and did not expand into a big school.

U4UVoice: What one thing differentiates Magic Years School from the other playway schools in the town?

Chetna: The immense personalized love and care that every children gets here. At Magic Years, we try to impart an unconditional love in our children.

U4UVoice: In what ways do you assess and evaluate students?

Chetna: We believe that no two children are alike. We generally see the over all development of the child and they are graded but not compared at all. We try to assess them with their overall development.

U4UVoice: What excites you the most about the teaching kids?

Chetna:  Small children are like angels. Their questions, queries are all very adorable. I personally feel that it is very soul touching and satisfying when you are with the kids. They make you feel as young as they are. They are very small but you feel very good when with them.

U4UVoice: One trait/quality that you try to inculcate in every kid who is the part of Magic Years?

Chetna: My forte is imparting lots of confidence in kids. They are the stars of tomorrow.  The amount of confidence they are imparted with in Magic years can be seen in various cultural programmes and events that took place here.

U4UVoice: So after 21 years of being around kids, can you name one favourite student of yours?

Chetna: As I said earlier, I cannot forget Nandini Nayar since she was the reason why we are sitting here talking about Magic Years School. I would also like to thank her parents as if they had not pushed me, Magic Years would not have not happened.

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