Meet Kavya Kochhar, the Rising Star of Jammu


The diamond of Jammu Kavya Kochhar proves to be a shimmering star of the state. The 14 year old Kavya Kochhar is working hard for her Pistol shooting and is really passionate about the sport.

She totally proves her dedication towards shooting with a high zeal and practices for two hours straight after school. Being a girl she has jumped over and across all the boundaries which the society has made for females in particular.

kavya kochhar1

According to the young sports girl, “experience and practicing is the key for excelling in any sport. I feel my hand is more stable in shooting now compared to last year. My hand used to shiver because of nervousness but now the pressure is less because of experience and practice. I practice for 2 hours every day. I am preparing for nationals now hope I will do well. I am extremely inspired by Chain Singh, the Olympic Shooter from Doda”, said Kavya.


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Parents are the backbone of the children. They take all the pains for the child to succeed and get ahead in life. Kavya’s parents and family have been a great booster for the champion to move ahead in her passion.


“You have to literally push them to do it. I go everywhere with her to boost her energy and positivity. For every child getting in to a extracurricular is really important for overall personality grooming.”, said, Kavya’s mother, Mrs. Pooja Kochhar.

“I also think that it is always in the parents’ hands how their child would shape up. Most times parents focus only on studies but that is only because in a place like Jammu not many are aware of how sports can be a more promising career than anything else. When one assumes that the young can excel in education by studying more, children can also succeed in sports if allowed to practice more,” said Mrs. Kochhar.