Meet the differently children who were abandoned years ago by their parents


Jammu and Kashmir News

Jammu:  For the past three years, Rajinder Kumar Sharma, has been helping the children

“Even though these kids don’t have fertile brain, they are extremely good at heart”, says their caretaker.
1969, an NGO by the name of Rotary Inner Wheel Home for Mentally Retarded Children founded the place and in 2013. It works under the supervision of District Administration and the Red Cross Society. The staff here comprises of a male and a female warden, a cook, a sweeper,and few teachers. Mr RK Sharma, himself works as an administrator sometimes and a hair-dresser or a driver the other times. They are being trained for handicrafts, making greeting cards, training for day to day needs, game completions, exercise, prayers, regular medical check-up etc.

Presently there are 38 inmates, of which 18 are girls and remaining boys, who fall under the age groups of 10 to 40 years. The level of mental incapability of most of these children is more than 70%. Mr. Sharma has been trying to improve the lifestyle of these children, if not train them or teach them. Many of these children and youths still are not able to respond to things and are not able to up keep themselves. Some of them end up crapping themselves. However, there are still some, who help Mr Sharma take care of other children. Most of these children are abandoned by their parents, their own blood. These poor souls don’t even remember their names or their parents.

Mr Sharma, complains of the absence of any funds by the Government in their regard. There is a lack of infrastructure owing to which more children cannot be administered by the minimal administration. Since, the children are sensitive and are intellectually disabled, more man power is required to handle them, and the current lack of funds clearly doesn’t allow them to expand.
In 2014, however, amount of Rs. 2.4 Lakhs and in 2015, Rs 2.6 Lakhs was given to the organisation by the National Power Grid officials. Most of the income of the institution is through donations.
The bond that the caretaker shares with these children is exceptional. It is stronger than most of the blood relations. It is only with the efforts and protection of the society and Government that these unfortunate children can be given the life that they deserve.


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