Meet the girl whom Anupam Kher clicked a selfie with


Jammu, December 27: By now, if you are aware of what is happening in Jammu, then you would at least know that Veteran Film Actor, Anupam Kher is in town and has been creating some buzz since after his visit to Jagti Township, after expressing his views on migrant Kashmiris and yesterday’s literary event, ‘Tawi ke Kinaare’.

It was during the inauguration of the Art Exhibition at Abhinav Theater yesterday, that Shweta Pandit, experienced something she never even imagined. U4UVoice’s Citizen Journalist Ashish Kohli had a word with her about her encounter with Anupam Kher.

Shweta works in a Bank of Baroda branch in Jammu and is a migrated Kashmiri Pandit living at Talab Tillo. She is a painter by hobby and had drawn a welcome rangoli at Abhinav Theater for Mr. Kher. Little did Shweta know that Anupam Kher was going to love her Rangoli so much that he asked for her and specially clicked a selfie with her.

Shweta Pandit with Anupam Kher Abhinav Theater

This small event showed a side of Kher’s that provides the much needed warmth to people in these bitter winters. When Mr. Kher saw the rangoli, he expressed his desire to meet the person who had made it and said,

“I respect art in any form and respect more the artists who bring the art to life.”

He then clicked a selfie with Shweta Pandit which she says was completely unexpected and this is what the exhilarated Shweta said,

“I had no idea that because of this (rangoli), Mr. Anupam Kher would click a picture with me. This for me is a happy moment, a golden memory as I had assumed that he would come and leave just as all big stars do. Mr. Kher is very down to earth. He just put everything to a stop and spoke to me personally for ten long minutes. ‘Anupam ne mujhe ek anupam bhent di’ (Anupam presented an incomparable gift to me).”

Shweta Pandit Rangoli

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