Mehbooba in no hurry to ally with BJP; Delay in govt formation imminent

Srinagar, January 15: There seems that state might experience a little more delay in the government reformation as there is no hurry being seen on the PDP front.

No official statement has been made by PDP even after the end of seven day mourning of CM’s death, which is a clear indication that Mehbooba is in no hurry to open her cards.

“The family is still in shock and grief. Things will take time to settle down,” said a senior leader over the question of delay in government formation.

Sources have said that the delay in any official statement is because of the fact that Mehbooba wants to keep all the options open before taking the final call. Her meeting with Sonia Gandhi who came to Srinagar to offer condolences on her father’s death has given air to the suspicions that we might see PDP and Congress forming government in the state. However, the visit of Sonia was termed as “purely personal” by Congress spokesperson.

These speculations were later put to rest when PDP indicated that it was also open to forge an alliance with the national party.

Other options such as an alliance with National Conference cannot materialise due to number crunch and the second being the holding of fresh elections which state cannot afford at this juncture. Hence, there is no other option left with PDP but to work on an alliance with BJP for next five years.

Now, it is all upto Mehbooba who has to decide if she wants to follow her father’s footsteps or let the state go for fresh elections.

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