Mehbooba lays foundations stone; Zamrooda defiles it the next day


It was Zamrooda Bibi and her associates who had vandalized the foundation stone of multi-level parking laid by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti at the premises of the state motor garages in Srinagar yesterday and not the supporters of Amira Kadal MLA and former minister Altaf Bukhari, as the details poured in late last evening.

Altaf Bukhari is out of station , that’s why he was not present at the function of the foundation stone laying in his constituency. However , it is a fact that the plaque of the foundation stone did not carry his name, though the name of Khursheed Alam, MLC was there besides that of Chief Minister and Minister of state Asiea Naquash.

But it was separatist face Zamrooda and her associates who vandalized the foundation stone platform later .

Mehbooba Mufti had called for development and reconciliation in her speech after unveiling the foundation stone.

Later, talking to a news daily, Habib said that the attempt to demolish the foundation stone was a way of protest against the blinding of more than a thousand persons under the PDP-BJP government led by Mehbooba Mufti.
“For whom is she (Mehbooba Mufti) making multi-car parkings? People sold their vehicles to treat their children injured by the government forces. She should die in shame,” Habib said.

She said that her atack on the foundation stone was an expression of hate and anger towards the Mehbooba-led government. “Every time she has been shamelessly talking about (her father) Mufti’s vision but she has left a thousand of our youth visionless. She should be more concerned about those people who still are on hospital beds awaiting a ray of light in their eyes,” Habib said.

“How can those people whose limbs were amputated ride a car or a bike?” Hamid questioned. She said that the Tehreek-e-Khwateen protest was organised as a reminder of the Unitied Nations resolution for the right to self-determination of people of Kashmir.

“Even after more than 70 years, the issue pending in the United Nations is yet to be resolved. Our just and legitimate struggle would continue till we achieve our goals,” she said.

The police deployed at the press enclave prevented Habib and her fellow activists from demolishing the foundation-stone of the multi-level car parking.

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