Mehbooba Mufti made TWO big mistakes


Peoples Democratic Party president Mehbooba Mufti committed two mistakes. She assumed that the BJP, the party with which her late father Mufti Mohammad Sayeed had stood against all odds and political risks, would understand her and extend a helping hand in formation of government in Jammu and Kashmir. But the other side had something else cooking up in their mind and offered her the fractured chair of Chief Minister.

Mehbooba’s Delhi visit ups hopes of renewed parleys with BJP

Alongside, she made it clear that the political alliance stitched by her father, was a “line cast in stone”.

This was her first mistake. Delhi should have read the message: she has devoted her politics to peace. But those who had profiled her as “ultra Kashmiri Muslim” did not allow her positive message to reach the men who matter in the Centre. Instead, what was conveyed was that she was arrogant and too demanding.

Her demands for the recall of AFSPA, withdrawal of the Army from certain areas in Jammu and Kashmir and restoration of the Indo-Pak talks. All these points are in the Agenda of Alliance, but her immediate concern was the empowerment of the people and the state in the liberal funding of the state, especially to provide relief and rehabilitate the victims of the September 2014 floods, getting smart city tag for Jammu and Srinagar and the return of the power projects to the state.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, having a clear and convincing mandate, can turn things around. The past would tell us that small steps bring larger gains. The Prime Minister had described the Rs 80,000-crore package in November last year as a “beginning”. A political government in the state is not only a political necessity but also in the overall interest of the nation. No one should forget that political uncertainty in this state is the most sought after condition by Pakistan, now China too has joined this Great Game.

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