Mehbooba Mufti thanks administration for following through Mufti Sayeed’s vision

Srinagar: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) President and Member Parliament, Mehbooba Mufti has expressed gratitude to the state administration for their tireless efforts in following through Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s vision and commitment to address the demanding challenges confronting J&K.

In a statement issued here today, Mehbooba said it was the firm belief of Mufti Sayeed that not much can be achieved unless the administration is passionately and actively involved in the implementation of the government’s developmental and welfare agenda. “Fortunately, both in 2002 and in 2015, the administration expeditiously partnered with the political leadership and toiled tirelessly to turn Mufti’s vision for Jammu and Kashmir’s prosperity into reality,” she said and added that it was because of these cooperative efforts at the political and administrative levels that various pioneering initiatives could be implemented in J&K on the governance and developmental fronts, during both these stints, in shortest possible time.

Describing administration as critical to delivery of governance, Mehbooba said it was heartening to note how the officers at various levels, both in police and civil administration, worked with single-minded dedication and thinking out-of-box to ensure good governance, development and redress the grievances of the people under the leadership of Mufti Sayeed.

Mehbooba said Mufti Sayeed always used to refer to the state administration as one of the best administrations in the country. “It was his (Mufti’s) firm belief that whatever good his government was able to do, either in 2002 or in 2015, it was not possible without the required capacity and support of the state administration,” she also added that the administration also responded to his (Mufti’s) confidence and passion in equal measure by reaching out to the people and facilitating a perceptible change on the ground.

Mehbooba said Mufti Sayeed used to see the administration as an interface between the elected representatives and the general public and always used to remind the officers to maintain highest standards of probity and integrity while discharging their duties. “Fortunately, realizing the innermost desire of Mufti Sahab to pull J&K out of the morass, the administration tried to do its best to translate his vision into reality,” she added that she is thankful to the state administration, at all levels, for providing an enabling environment to implement the government’s pro-people agenda under the visionary leadership of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.

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