Mehbooba seekspeople’s cooperation for anchoring sustainable peace in JK

JAMMU,JUNE 15: Chief Minister, Ms Mehbooba Mufti today emphasized the need forreviving Jammu and Kashmir as an abode of peace, amity, communal harmony andbrotherhood. She cautioned people against falling prey to the scourge ofextremism and communalism, “which, if perpetuated, will only bring miseries tothe people and devour the State’s socio-economic fabric.”

“I urgeupon the people, especially the youth, to come forward and contribute towardsconsolidating the peace and reconciliation efforts in the state,” the ChiefMinister said while addressing a function organised in connection with theinauguration of the New Examination Block at Jammu University here thismorning.

Advisorto the Chief Minister, Prof Amitabh Mattoo, Vice-Chancellor Jammu University,Prof R D Sharma and Vice-Chancellor, Central University of Jammu, Prof AshokAima were present on the occasion.

MsMehbooba said the people of the State are the strong votaries of secularism anddemocracy and these have been the guiding principles of governance in theState. “I hope the emancipated people of Jammu would continue to uphold thegreatest traditions of amity and communal harmony, which they have practisedover the years,” she said and added that due credit must be given to the peopleof Jammu for warmly welcoming the migrants including Kashmiri Pandits, Muslimsand Sikhs when turmoil erupted in Kashmir in early 90’s.

Appreciatingthe people of Jammu for fostering the secular ethos and bonds of amity, theChief Minister said that Jammu has always been a symbol of brotherhood wherethe people of all regions and religions have been welcomed with open arms. “Ihope the people of Jammu would continue to uphold the same values of communalharmony and don’t fall prey to the machinations of some vested interests whoare hell bent upon disturbing peace and tranquillity in the region,” MsMehbooba said and added that while militancy devoured Kashmir’s social,cultural and economic fabric, the scourge of communalism has the potential ofdoing same in Jammu. 

She saidthat the need of the hour is to stand out in unison against all those divisiveforces which are trying to disturb the peaceful environment in the state andexhorted upon the youth to shoulder this responsibility to preserve and promotethe harmony and goodwill.

MsMehbooba said Jammu and Kashmir can show the way to the whole nation.”People of the State have over the years defeated the divisive andcommunal elements and strengthened the secular forces. I hope that this wouldhappen in future as well and we would not fall prey to the communal forces thatare hell bent on dividing the people of State. The people should remainvigilant and defeat the communal as well as divisive elements,” said theChief Minister adding no development and progress is possible without sustainedpeace and communal harmony and brotherhood.

Ms Mehboobasaid J&K is facing varied problems and students can play an vital role in defeatingthe nefarious designs of the elements who try to disrupt the peace andtranquillity in the state. She exhorted upon the students to be the harbingerof change and work in unison for the betterment of the society and developmentof the state.

HailingJammu University for launching various initiatives to further academicexcellence, the Chief Minister, who is also the Pro-Chancellor of theUniversity, said the government wants the Universities to work independentlyand it was with this objective in mind that the Government has given fullfinancial autonomy to the state’s varsities. “The universities can now generatethe resources and use the same judiciously so that higher education becomesaccessible to our youth in every nook and corner of the State,” she said andadded that Universities are the institutions were we can channelize youthenergies for the betterment of the society.

TheChief Minister said the educational institutions are the nurseries where theseeds of future are nurtured and the universities being seats of knowledgeshould aim at fostering new ideas among the students and channelize theirenergies in a positive direction. She said the universities should emerge ashub of new ideas where a vision for future is sown and nurtured.

MsMehbooba said the onus lies on the institutions and the faculty to provide notjust quality education to the students but make them future-ready to face thechallenges of life with optimism. She said the youth of Jammu and Kashmir haveimmense talent and intellect and they need proper guidance and optimalopportunities to create a niche for themselves. “I hope more and more students fromJ&K shall follow their counterparts who have cracked the prestigiouscompetitive exams like IAS, IFS etc and bring laurels to the state,” she said.

DivisionalCommissioner Jammu, Dr Pawan Kotwal, Special Secretary to Chief Minister, MrShahid Iqbal Choudhary and other officers of the Jammu University and DistrictAdministration were present. 

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