Mehbooba to become Chief Minister very soon

Srinagar, October 09: The current chief Minister of the state has cleared the air on his sucession and said that his daughter, Mehbooba Mufti would take over from him as the state’s head.

Praising Mehbooba, Mufti said that she is capable of giving leadership and is the most credible face today. He was talking to a national daily when he made this announcement. He said that Mehbooba is ready to takeover but he will spend some more time as CM to ‘stabilise the situation’.

Upon asking about the reason of change in leadership, he said that it is happening because he is not keeping good health and don’t want it to affect state administration. Mufti also made it clear that the other coalition partner of state’s government BJP has happily accepted his decision and there is no hurdle in passing his chair to Mehbooba.