Mela patt- Festival of Bhadarwah


The three days colorful festival of Bhadarwah starts tomorrow on Bhadarpad Shukla Panchmi. Which is been celebrated since 1580 A.D to display the presents by Mughal Emperor Jalal Ud din Akbar to Raja Nagpal of Bhadarwah to honour Baghwan Shri  Vasuki Nag.

The gifts include gold and silver articles, embroidered silk and velvet clothes, Royal drums etc.

On the evening of Ganesh Chaturthi that is today Kalash called “Jhaari” is carried by a member of Raj Purohit family on his head every year from Ganesh temple to Vasuki Nag temple and then to the house of Rajguru’s in Khakhal mohalla.

Members of ten specified families of Bhadarwah called “Dashnaans” fabricate a temple shikhar style ” Patt” with Kalash on top and colorful silk fabric on the sides. Since the Silk fabric is called the ” Patt Vastra” in Sanskrit. Therefore, the name of the festival being “Mela Patt” or “Patt Ru Kodd”

People in large number come and witness the festival.

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