Men Beauty Regime


Oily skin can come across as something that’s hateful, especially for men. But that natural shine on your face makes the skin less prone to wrinkles and premature ageing. 

Here are a few steps to look groomed with oily skin:
Every face wash available in the market has its own specifications. For an oily texture, a gentle face wash that prevents acne burst out and oil build up should be used twice daily.
A face wash has an ability to remove the oil but a scrub goes deeper. Use a natural scrub on alternate days. Gently massage with it the points on the face where oil gets accumulated.
 Use A Toner
A toner is gender neutral and is equally important for men. A toner minimizes your pores. It’s a refresher for the skin and reduces the excess secretion of oil. Apply it after washing the face, followed by a moisturizer. 
 Home Remedy
Some home remedies can do wonders for oily skin. Dip a cotton ball in buttermilk and massage the face with it, at least three times a week. Leave it on for a few minutes. This works like a cleansing milk and tightens the pores.
Do not confuse oil with hydration. Not using a moisturizer only means your face will dry up, leading to acne. Use an oil-free moisturizer that reduces extra oil production and pollution.
Do Not Overdo
Remember to be gentle on the skin and avoid overdoing the above tips. Otherwise, you may not get to see the desired results.