‘Men often follow us to our homes after the tuitions’

Jammu, 21 December: In a casual meeting between some tuition going students and a U4UVoice reporter at Kacchi Chawni on the sidelines of preparation for the upcoming board exams, the problem of Eve-Teasing came to light even as there is a Police Station Right besides the Red-Cross building.

The teenaged girls virtually fuming over the problem complained about how they are the daily victims of eve-teasing in the Kacchi Chawni area, a tuition centre hub. The girls explained that they found it increasingly problematic to tread the roads alone in the evenings as it gets dark early these days. “There is a police station right here and yet you do not find one cop patrolling the area and that provides courage to some boys and men who repeatedly zoom past us in their cars and bikes and sometimes even brush against us,” said Smita a class  XI student.

The areas which are literally turning in red zones for the females are the Women’s College Parade, Canal Road or Kacchi Chawni where stalkers and eve-teasers kill time for most part of their day looking for their ‘prey’ and give the women a mortifying time.

Not only are the lewd comments passed on by these road-side romeos offensive, sometimes they comment on the physical appearance of individuals loudly in the market area and everyone turns a blind eye. One can imagine why fathers of most of these girls come personally to pick and drop them at the famous coaching centres in the area.

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  • December 23, 2015 at 9:04 am

    This is modernisation digitality development freedom a race towards westernised culture nobody wants to change if anyone he have to change himself


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