Menaka Guruswamy: The Lawyer who’s proved her Mettle without rooting for Publicity!


In the Supreme Court of India, Menaka Guruswamy, 44, has an image for being a dauntless lawyer. As one of the legal counselors who contended against Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, she was instrumental in the rejecting of the law that made homosexuality a crime.

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A specialist in Constitutional Law, Guruswamy has likewise been obstinately seeking after cases that look to revise numerous such colonial laws. For example, she is helping a progressing examination concerning the statutes declared during the Quit India Movement.

She believes, it is tragic that such legal reforms have to be brought by the Judiciary and not by the Legislature itself. Guruswamy has likewise been instrumental in protecting the Right to Education Act that ordered every single private school to give admission to unprivileged children, and has battled to guarantee a fixed term of three years in a post for civil servants. Guruswamy built up interest for Constitutional Rights as a law student at the National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bengaluru.

Since her arrival to India, she has taken a shot at a few prominent cases, including the 2G spectrum case and AgustaWestland scandal. Today, she has at any rate six attorneys working for her. Guruswamy additionally gives her time in the US, educating at Columbia University, even as she authors books. Her first co-edited work, Founding Moments in Constitutionalism will be made public in the current year, while her second book is under works.

Looking at how she works in silence in a dignified way, without aiming for publicity, she’s an inspiration for the young lawyers trying to make a mark in this field. Besides, it’s also important to learn from her that if one loves and respects their work, they will not be interested in seeking attention unlike some lawyers who are there just for their loud, unnecessary and self-absorbed advertisements on social media.