Mentally Challenged Children Celebrated ‘Raksha Bandhan’ Festival

Care Home for Mentally Challenged Children was started in 1997 with an aim of taking care of mentally challenged children who are abandoned sometimes by society and sometimes by their own parents. Today, the children of this care home celebrated Rakshabandhan like you and I did.

 Rajendra Kumar Sharma who has been working here for the last three years says, “When I came here we had 30 children but now we have 39 children. Some children have even returned back to their families”.

Rekha and Vipin are twins. Before coming here they used to live near Janipur area. After their father’s sudden and tragic death their mother was not able to take care of them because of financial problems and helplessness forced her to leave her children in this care home. For them this care home and it’s children are their family now. Rekha tied rakhi on Vipin’s wrist while other children took part in their celebration.

We have to keep in mind that such children are very difficult to handle as they are very moody. These children need love, care and attention. It’s a tragedy that they are living here when they should be living with their family members. We have to understand the behaviour and attitude of society towards these children which unfortunately is very hostile.

Although the foundation pays Mr. Sharma very less but it doesn’t matter to him. For him work is worship and he says that the satisfaction which he gets after serving these  children is inexpressible.

“I have received so much from this society that I feel it’s my turn to give something back to the society. Money is important but it is not everything”, he said.