MIER organizes awareness programme on alchoholism and gambling


Ext_unit_lecture_Kabir_basti - CopyJammu: An awareness programme was organized by the Extension Activity Unit of MIER College of Education at Kabir Basti, near B.C.Road. The theme of the programme was alchoholism and gambling. A group of about 20 members of Extension Unit along with the Incharge Ms. Neha Sharma visited the slum area.
Ms. Neha Sharma gave an orientation highlighting the ill effects of alcoholism and gambling which is prevalent in such areas. Students displayed charts, slogans and pictures to drive home the fact how the two menaces have arrested the growth and development of their families and the society. Group counselling of the slum dwellers was done by the members of the unit.
Ms. Neha Sharma, In charge of Extension unit appealed to the slum dwellers to shun the habit and contribute to the growth and development of the society. She formally thanked the participants and the slum dwellers for their cooperation and support. Dr. Renu Gupta, Director, MIER appreciated the efforts of the unit for spreading awareness among the marginalized sections of the society.