MIET Students attend unique adventure boot-camp Focus on life-skills development


In an innovative programme launched by Model Institute of Engineering and Technology (MIET), over 1500 students have undergone a 2-day intensive and rigorous adventure boot camp setup at Patnitop. In this one-of-a-kind initiative focused on developing life-skills among students, professional trainers put the students through grueling activities.

Apart from providing an adrenalin-rush these activities also imparted key learnings pertaining to overcoming individual fear and mental-blocks, pushing yourself and testing your limits and finally trusting others and working as a team. The camp has been christened as “I-Survive” denoting the indomitable human spirit to triumph against all odds.

Chairman MIER Group, Dr. Arun K. Gupta, an ardent nature lover and the architect of this special camp, stressed the need to take students out of their comfort zones and instill in them new ideas and thoughts leading to self-discovery. He further opined that in today’s competitive world the youth need to be equipped to handle the stress by being adaptable and flexible, the key messages delivered at the boot-camp by professional trainers.

The camp was received very well by the students who described it as a unique experience. For a majority of the students it was a first time exposure to camping and adventure activities and they appreciated the efforts put in by the college authorities in creating this experience for them.

MIET Students enjoying trekking in upper reaches of Patnitop and a participant in action at the camp (1)

The special draw among the adventure activities was the 100 ft. climb and free-fall using a special climbing net which all students found very challenging yet thrilling. The camp presented a huge-logistics challenge and continued for close to two months. The students spent the nights in comfortable tents, enjoying team activities and ending with a cozy bonfire to wind down after a hard-day of pushing themselves. Nutritious high-quality food was served to the students by the catering team which provided balanced meals and snacks. All arrangements for medical aid etc. were also provided. The camp site was equipped with electricity and proper toilet facilities. The entire camp experience was conceptualized, planned and executed by the Strategic Management and Student Experience team at MIET over the last 2 years, under Prof. Ankur Gupta, Joint Director and Prof. S.K Sharma, Principal, MIET.



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